Why Was the Olympic Bear (the mascot of the Olympics -1980 in Moscow) Crying.

Why Was the Olympic Bear (the mascot of the Olympics -1980 in Moscow) Crying. , 1980 (22:58)

Annotation: The film tells about the holding of the Olympics-80 in Moscow, on the boykott of Moscow Olympic Games by the USA administration.

Film description: Moscow 1980. Misha on the podium. USA. Courtroom. President J. Carter says the refusal of American athletes to go to the Olympics in Moscow. Hall of Customs. Inspection. Brochures, leaflets seized during inspection. The head of the diplomatic mission of the U.S. leaving Moscow. Shooting a bear target. Coat of arms of the USSR. Arrival in Moscow participants and guests of the Olympiad. Olympic village. Stadium. The opening ceremony of the Olympics. Press Center. Press conference. Interview with (simultaneously in English). The parade of athletes. Regatta in the sea. Runners. Men's high jump. Swimming. Cyclists on the road. Archery. Competitions on the bar. Men's pole vault, through the barrier. Begun in France J. Marajó on a treadmill. Photos in newspapers, defaming the Olympic Games in Moscow. "Race protest" tourists from the United States. Dancing in the Olympic village. Tancujut athletes. The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Says Lord Killani. Delegations at the stadium. Turns off the fire in the cup, flies Misha Olympian - the emblem of the Moscow Olympics.

Source description 1: Closing of the Olympiad-80.
The USA – D. Carter is speaking at the meeting.

The work of the soviet customs officers; confiscated clandestine press, leaflets and etc.
The USA Ambassador leaves Moscow on the eve of the Olympiad.
The arrival of the foreign guests to the Olympiad.
Olympaid opening ceremony.
Work of the press centre headed by V.I. Popov, the deputy chairman of the steering committee of the Olympiad; the press-conference.

Source description 2: The sporting events at the Olympiad.
American and British correspondents give interview at the press conference.
Speech of the French runner J. Marojo.
Olympic village.
Interview of the Irish coach.
Pictures in the foreign newspapers.

Source description 3: The tourists from the USA conducted the “protest dash”, they are giving the interview, taking pictures.
Dances in the Olympic village.
People speak: the tourist from Puerto Rico, Swiss sportscaster, judoist from Brazil, the representative of the team of Belgium.
Closing of the Olympiad-80; the lord Killanin is speaking – the president of the international Olympic committee; the Olympic light is going out, the Olympiad participants are passing by, the Olympic Bear flies away.

Directors: Chubakova T.

Operators: Bgancev I., Volkov V., Grezin V., Ivlev U.

Script writers: Itskov I.

Announcer: Lazarev E.