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How Do You Do ( "Rovesnik" #5)

How Do You Do ( "Rovesnik" #5) , 1988 (26:18)

Annotation: The film about one of the negative sides of our society-prostitution.

Source description 1: Soloist rock band Mamonov Peter sings in a room on the background of the two windows (synchronous) - cf.
Entrance examinations in drama school them. Shchukin: abiturientki read (queue) monologue Natasha (synchronously) - cr., Impact, departure.
Director Katin-Yartsev and another member of the selection committee on the exam - kr., Departure.
Says abiturientka - Wed, impact.
The hand men wrote a number of points lie - kr.
Fashion House: fashion models (women and men) show the new models of coats and other clothing - different.
See the spectators - Wed, total.
A dummy in a women's clothing - kr., Poland.
Made-up woman prostitute tells about himself (in the mirror) - Wed, impact.
The broken mirror, the NDP at the dressing table, an ashtray and other subjects - cf.
A street in Moscow - Society. (evening); man and a woman in the car.
A policeman is a woman - Society., Poland.
Pass women - Wed, total., Poland.
Woman talking on the street with a man - Society.
A group of people sat in the car - Wed, Poland.
Passers-by on the street - Society.
The doorman at the hotel entrance - commonly.
Sings P. Mamonov (synchronously) - commonly., Hitting, cr.
Modeled detail on the house - kr.
The street are people under umbrellas - commonly., Out (of the car window).
The sign of the Hotel Nacional "(in Russian and English) - kr., Poland.
A man in the car - Wed
The girl on the street (voice-over: a conversation with a foreigner prostitutes).
Rotating ball-chandelier on the ceiling - kr.
In the late-night bar restaurant "Star" dancing nude cabaret artist - commonly., Cr., Poland.
The alien looks, sitting at the table - kr.; NDP stamping on the leg.
People remove the flag from the building of the hotel, the building is suitable girl who is at the entrance - commonly. (removed from the car window).

Source description 2: A teacher of college hospitality teaches classes (synchronous), teaches the girls to smile - kr., Departure.
Girl writes - kr., Poland at the book at hand.
The girls laughed, they say (synchronously) - Wed, cr.
Blackboard with the words in a foreign language, the NDP at photos of girls - kr.
Bottles, boxes and other goods in the window of currency bars, Poland on visitors - kr.
Visitors to the bar - commonly., Wed.
Says made-up prostitute (synchronously) - kr.
Entrance to the hotel "Intourist" - Wed, Poland.
The doorman at the entrance says (synchronously) - cr., Poland, legs - kr. Departure.
A young doorman said about prostitutes (synchronous) - Wed, impact.
Sings P. Mamonov (synchronous) - cf.
Female mannequins in clothes and without clothes - different.
Lying on the floor male mannequin without clothing - Society. (with a / t).
The bar serves an artist with a samovar on the head - cf.
Rotates the kettle on his head, women - kr., Poland.
Foreigners in the bar at the tables - Wed, cr., Poland.
Woman on the street is coming to an alien who is talking to him, then they leave - Wed, Poland.
Masseur massages a woman lying on the couch - kr., Departure.
The foreigners on the streets of Moscow - commonly., Cr., Poland.
Woman - a prostitute talking to black (voice-over) - commonly., Wed.
The people at the hotel - Society.
An alien eats on the street - kr.
Man comes to girls, standing at the machine - commonly.
See teens - Wed
The Brazilian answer questions directed (synchronous) - cr., Wed.
Man shows prostitute money - commonly.

Source description 3: Продолжение интервью бразильца (синхронно) – кр.
Швейцар у дверей гостиницы – кр., отъезд.
Проходят девушки – ср., ПНР, отъезд, наезд.
Продавец за прилавком летнего уличного кафе, мимо проходят люди – общ.
Пригород Сочи – Дагомыс: мужчины и девушки на яхте во время морской прогулки (загорают, удят рыбу, фотографируют) – разн.
Рука на штурвале – кр., ПНР на лицо мужчины.
Часы и рупор на пляже – кр.
Отдыхающие на пляже – общ. (с в/т, с движения лифта).
Ленинградская область: открываются тюремные ворота, в них входят осужденные женщины с вещами (вдали виден грузовик), ворота закрываются – общ. (зима).
Бачок с водой и кружка в камере – кр.
Режиссер фильма С. Баранов беседует в камере с бывшей проституткой (синхронно) – ср.
Стоят резиновые сапоги заключенных – кр., ПНР.
Руки женщины – кр.
Заключенные на поверке, проходят по двору, многие женщины закрывают лица – разн.
Стоит конвоир – кр.
Поет П. Мамонов (синхронно) – ср.
Осужденные женщины идут на работу – общ. (с в/т).
Лампа в тюремной камере – кр.
Женщины спят на нарах в камере – кр., ПНР.
Лес в Абрамцево (Московская обл.) – общ.
Девочка, стоя у окна, читает монолог Наташи Ростовой (синхронно) – ср.
Слушают мужчина и дети – кр., ПНР.
Дети пускают мыльные пузыри – кр.
По речке плывут опавшие листья – кр., ПНР (осень).

Directors: Baranov S.

Operators: Gusev S.

Script writers: Baranov S., Vedeneeva I., Yumashev V.